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Who Will Be the Next Southampton’s Manager?

Southampton recently sacked Mauricio Pellegrini after the club’s miserable record in Premier League this season. So far, the Saints has only managed to win once in their last 17 games, placing them one step closer to the relegation zone.

As for the next manager, Robbie Savage, an ex-Welsh player, believes it should be Mark Hughes. Hughes may not be as good as Guardiola, Ancelotti, or Mourinho, but with only 8 games remaining, Southampton should be looking for a ‘mad’ man. Hughes is that kind of man. During his career with Stoke, he led the team to 9th place in 3 consecutive seasons. In his hand, no club has ever placed in the relegation zone.

Perhaps, this option is worth a try. In Premier League alone, Hughes has undergone 450 matches for 5 different teams: Blackburn, Fulham, Stoke, QPR, and Manchester City. He has been dealing with a lot of people with different characteristics. He knows the best way to treat and train each player to get the best out of them.

Plus, he was sacked by Stoke back in January. This fact makes him eager to prove that Stoke was wrong. He is full of ambition and Southampton is the right place for him to channel all that ambition.

Choosing the next man to sit in the manager’s bench is Southampton’s first priority right now. They are scheduled to face Wigan on this Sunday. That means, they only have several days to choose the new manager before they have to meet Wigan in the quarter-final.

Another option

Mark Hughes is not the only person fit for the job. Marco Silva, who was once with Hull and Watford, is also rumored for the job.

Unlike Pellegrino, Silva is not ‘too’ cautious. That’s the biggest mistake Pellegrino did. He lets his cautiousness to make him believe that Southampton’s players are just as good as he told them to be.

No, that’s not the case. The Saints’ players have proven even under previous managers that they are much better than they are now. Something is holding them, something that they have no power to deal with.

Silva or whoever the next coach should understand that Southampton needs to be more proactive. They need to attack and defend during the whole game, not playing safely in the back.

The next 8 games are the real challenge for the new coach. Out of 8 remaining games, Southampton will have 5 away matches. It means they are going to be far from their supporters’ reach, whose supports they truly need in this time of desperate.

The quick countermeasure has to be taken to save Southampton and bring victory once again to the club. They only have time until this weekend to pick the new manager or the team should play the next match with no manager. The only good news will come after this weekend’s match. Southampton will have around 2 – 3 weeks to prepare until their next match against West Ham at the end of this month. It should give enough time for the new manager to train the whole players and perhaps, prepare some surprises.

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