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Ryan Giggs and The Glorious Days for Wales

There are a lot of changes currently undergoing in Wales national time. The first change is how Ryan Giggs appears in front of his players. Unlike his predecessor, Giggs loves wearing a tracksuit, instead of the manager’s suit. Most likely, he wants everyone to notice that even though Wales’ former manager is considered one of the best manager Wales national team ever has, Giggs is planning to be much better than him.

As a manager, he believes that no one should copy other and just become their own self. He believes doing his things is the best way for Wales to win the World Cup. However, he also said that even though he wants the team to follow his style, he wants them to keep their fighting spirit, the one they have inherited from the former manager.

Soon after he was appointed as the manager, Giggs brought Wales to prove his strategy when they met China. They successfully trashed their opponent with a fantastic 6-0 beat. Giggs could not expect for a better start to prove his points. He might be new to Wales, but no one should ever underestimate him.

The is no shame in losing

Even though they once trashed their opponent, Ryan Giggs himself acknowledge the risk of every strategy. He knew it so well that there is no perfect strategy. Even though they once beat China with a fantastic 6-0, he knew that they will someday face a much tougher enemy, one that will reveal every weakness in their strategy. That opponent is Uruguay.

Ryan Giggs may be one of the world’s legendary world and probably the world’s best manager in the future. However, no matter how good his coaching skills are, there is no way he can beat Uruguay, a team full of skilful and vastly experienced players. He is just a person, compared to 11 players on Uruguay side.

Even after the terrifying beat, there is no reason for Giggs and his players to feel ashamed. They may be not good enough to defeat Uruguay this time, but we should not forget the fact that they are still better than Argentina in this year’s World Cup qualification stage. Also, they played so well during the 2011 Copa America. With those records, they have no reason to feel ashamed, especially when they are only lost 0-1 from Uruguay.

In fact, losing the game from Uruguay gives Wales a perfect chance to realize that their strategy is not yet perfect. It is the perfect chance to improve the strategy before the World Cup begins. In less than 3 months, they have to figure out what they lack and start fixing the problems. The most important thing is, they should keep fighting as they are today. Even though they lost the game, they still stand together as a team. That  is the most important thing in football and Wales players have proven that they have that key.

As long as they fight together until the end, they may make their path to winning the cup.


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