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Mohamed Salah Is Unique and So Does Luis Suarez

Jordan Henderson, a Liverpool skipper, thinks that no one should ever compare Mohamed Salah and Luis Suarez.

After scoring 4 goals for his team against Watford, Salah has recorded 36 goals this far in all competitions. This is the highest amount of goals any player has scored in all top 5 leagues in Europe.

Even Liverpool’s manager, Jurgen Klopp believes that Salah is one of the greatest players they ever have. Now, after scoring his quadruplet goals in their match against Watford, Salah is on the right path to becoming one of the world’s elite player. He later said that one day, Salah would compete with other top players, such as Ronaldo and Messi, for Ballon d’Or.

Even today, some people try to compare Mohamed Salah and Suarez, one of  Messi’s well-known teammate. However, Liverpool skipper, Henderson, thinks both players are completely different from one another.
For Henderson, both Suarez and Salah are great players. They played so well recently and even developed their own playing style. As for their playing style, they are both unique. You can’t compare a football player to another player while their style is completely different.

Even though both they have scored plenty of goals recently, they are still different. They have walked on different paths using their own method. Each of them is great in their own way.

Even so, he does recognize how excellent Salah’s performance in this season only. He shows us a great game every single week. He never fails to amaze us and there are only a few players like him who can do that thing.

He plays so well that his game begins to motivate his teammates. Everyone begins to put their trust in him and each other. Together, they once again believe that as Liverpool’s player they can bring back the glorious days once again.

Once everyone sees there is someone they can rely upon, they begin to build confidence in their heart. Once again they start working together as a team and in football, this is exactly what everyone needs to win a game after another. Football is not a man’s game, it is a team’s game and that’s why everyone should work together to achieve it.

Even if they are unsure about how they can score a goal, they can work together as a team, build a strategy, then leave the rest to someone they can trust. This time, that person in Liverpool is Mohamed Salah.

These great players are the leaders for their teammates. Even if they are not the officially enlisted captain, they can motivate everyone and put trust in their heart that they can still win the game. There is nothing more important in football than trusting your comrades. When your trust begins to fade, that is when your team will crumble. Jurgen Klopp knows this well and that’s why he maintains Salah and his role. He knows how important his rule is and has no plan of changing it in the near future.

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