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Man City vs Liverpool: Who Would Win?

The clash is near. Manchester City will fight against Liverpool in the upcoming Champions League quarter-final match. Two of the world’s largest football clubs along with their high-profile managers will clash in one of the most awaited matches this year. It is time for Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp to prove the winner between them.

With more than 160 goals between the two clubs, both Liverpool and Manchester City are also the two most attacking football teams in the Premier League. Furthermore, through history, Liverpool is the only team that once held Manchester City from achieving the league’s title.

A Titanic Clash

Once again, two of Europe’s most excellent managers will meet. So far, Klopp has gained 6 victories in the last 12 games he played against Guardiola, under Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool’s flag. With 50% success rate, Klopp might have a chance to beat the Catalan.

However, Guardiola won’t easily surrender. He may have fewer victories against Klopp, but that never makes him weak. In fact, Guardiola has turned City into one of the most fearsome clubs on the planet. Last September, for example, he brought City into a stunning 5-0 victory at Etihad Stadium. Meanwhile, Klopp could only win with a slim 4-3 at Anfield 4 months later.

As managers, no one should ever doubt their skills. Their principles are so firm and their managerial styles are deeply rooted in their players’ hearts. Both teams put their trust on their managers and it is less likely that any of them will spoil that trust.

If both of them are destined to meet once again, Liverpool might play an offensive game, an all-out one, while City would try to turn the game to their favour using Guardiola’s special hallmark: a possession game with a superb attack and perfect pace.

Mark Lawrenson, who once fought with Liverpool as their defender, told that if you want to understand what football really is, then you should never miss Liverpool vs Manchester City match.

Both managers are expected to play a classic football style. For both Guardiola and Klopp, this game is not just about winning a game against their opponent. It is also about staggering their pride as manager. It is not just about securing their place in the semi-finals. It is also about fighting until they find out the real winner between them.

So far, we only know one thing: they are not going to change their style. They are so confident that they have chosen to play all out, with their own respective style. With their offensive style, Liverpool would try to steal the ball whenever possible. However, Klopp should know that it won’t be easy as City’s defence is getting stronger than ever to block their attack.

For Guardiola, winning a game is simple. Don’t let the opponent has the ball if you don’t want them to score. That’s how Guardiola puts fear in the heart of their opponent. City’s player is going to keep the ball all to themselves, without giving even a slight chance for Liverpool to have the ball. Their extreme defensive strategy has brought them so close to the league’s title and they won’t let anyone hold them back.


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