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Counting the Last Days of Arsene Wenger at Arsenal

Ian Wright, a former Arsenal striker, said that he could not see a scenario where Arsene Wenger would remain Arsenal manager after this season. He also believes that Arsenal should have been playing better if the players are not on easy street as they are now and the owner cares about the club.

His opinion might sound blatant, but that’s the fact. Only 2 months have passed this year and so far Arsenal has lost 6 out of 12 games. Last time, they lost the game to Manchester City.

In his interview with BBC Radio 5, Wright told that Wenger usually has excuses for these losses. With him mollycoddling the team, Wright believes the team is not going to get better any time in the future, unless Wenger is out.

The best option for the team is, according to him, for Arsene Wenger to leave the team and hand it over to someone more capable, someone who will not the team rest on the easy street. If they want to win, they should fight for it. Arsenal should stop all this mediocrity if they want to win and become the champion as they used to be.

The long path to victory

As a former Arsenal player, Wright still loves the club as he and his teammates always did in the past. Seeing Arsenal in its current state is disappointing and he believes, the best way to fix this is to put the team on the challenge again. They can start getting new players, those who can get everyone to be excited once more about this team.

This step is not instant. The team will have to spend another few years before they can see the result. Everyone should progress together as a team and share the same dream to reach that top five again. In order to achieve this, Arsenal should go the opposite way they are going right now. They will only fail if they continue walking on this path. Wenger should know that it is time to stop. The new path is a long one, but as everyone works together as a team, it will eventually bear a fruit to the team.

The owner is guilty

As for the owner, Wright said that the owner is responsible for this downfall. If only Stan Kroenke cares about the team, he would have done something to prevent this downfall from happening. If he truly cared about the club, he wouldn’t allow Wenger to stay for 2 years without holding a solid proof.

Wright also said that all these losses and mismanagement points to a conclusion where Wenger should leave the team. However, his leaving will only fix the problems on the surface. To completely fix the problems, Kroenke should come and find out the problems by himself. He needs to know everything that’s actually happening right now and how it brings down the team. He has to find out how to fix it before everything has become too late.

Things would have been easier to fix if only the owner heard the fans years ago. They have been sounding this for years and yet, no one heard their voice. The owner has been ignoring their voice for years and doing nothing for the team. Now, as we can see, everything Arsenal fans have sounded for years have become a sad reality for the team.


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