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Should Brighton Get Another Score from Spurs?

After a draw result against Tottenham side, Brighton and Hove Albion has now moved closer to secure their place in the Premier League.

The match ended with a draw with Harry Kane scoring the only goal for Tottenham’s side and his 26th goal this season. with this result, Spurs could win their 11th away game.

But, Brighton was getting ready to level the gap. Within a few minutes, Pascal Gross delivered a nice penalty and without Spurs knowing, the score was already settled.

The Seagulls completed their 6 games without a single win, but thanks to this result, they are moving farther away from the relegation zone. However, they still have to win the 4 games remaining themselves safe from getting out of the competition.

Another failure for Spurs

No one expected a draw from a club as big as Spurs, but we may understand the reason. Spurs is getting ready for another match againts Manchester untied at FA Cup semi-final. If they could win this game, it would grant them the first FA Cup trophy since the last time they won it back in 2008. Perhaps, Mauricio Pochettino is planning to reserve his resources to prepare for this significant battle.

That’s why we didn’t see Davinson Sanchez and Dele Alli on the field. Perhaps, they are more needed in the upcoming crucial match against the Reds. Still, with so many talented players on their side, Spurs should have won the game with their usual playing style. They might not lose the game but to see a club like Albion hold them with a draw, no one expected the game to end that way. Even more, since it was Spurs’ 50th competitive games this season, the game should end with more color and fights.

This result put Spurs as the fourth, with only 2 points clear behind Liverpool and Chelsea, who are now at the third and eighth respectively.

In one interview, Spurs manager, Pochettino told the media that he realized how difficult the match was, both mentally and physically (Source: Goalgol.com). Somehow, his team was not ready to play the game. They are still too tired to play. Even though they want to win, their body couldn’t help.


Son Heung-min should be able to score another goal for Spurs with this 13th goal, but his kick was denied by a tremendous save by Mathew Ryan’s from the other side. Luckily for Spurs, their key player, Kane, managed to break the deadlock and keep Spurs away from shame.

An unexpected result for Seagulls

Brighton fans were so happy with the result. As the final whistle blown, they filled the stadium with cheers as their favorite team has been cleared from the relegation zone. However, the Albion’s manager, Chris Hughton said that despite the fantastic result, they will not rest until everything is mathematically certain. Until that day comes, they will keep fighting.

Nevertheless, the match brought them to a crucial point nearly a years since they first joined the competition after a 34-year exile. No one knows for sure, but perhaps Albion is building their future in the league.



The Only Way for City to Beat Liverpool

Manchester City will meet Liverpool in their second leg match this Tuesday. Guardiola’s side will need a perfect game to overturn their 0-3 defeat in the first leg against Klopp’s side.

However, even after the terrific defeat, the Spaniard believes that his players still have the extraordinary skills to win the game. They will stay optimistic about the game and try to create some chances while eliminating as many chances as possible for their opponent to score a goal.

He also believes that anything can happen within 90 minutes. All they need to do is try and deliver their best performances. Chances will come and when they come, they will be ready to score goals.

When the media asked about whether their last two defeat has been affecting his players, he said that he doesn’t know about that. However, he knows it so well that if they can’t cope with this psychological problem, there is no way they can play the game with confidence. Losing is not something uncommon in football, but they have to bear it. This is how football works. It is a world of challenge.

Waiting on Salah

Jurgen Klopp said that their last victory from City proved that even the best candidate for the title are still human beings. Nevertheless, he also said that in order to beat them once again, they have to play their best.

According to him, their upcoming game is not about picking the favourite. Even though they won the first game, the second leg is not going to be easy either.

City once thumped the Reds 5-0 on 9 September at Etihad Stadium during their Premier League match. Referencing this game, Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp could only say that City quality was clear.

As probably the world’s best manager, Pep Guardiola will not be easy to deal with. He will present another outstanding football match. The game will be tough, but Klopp believes that there is no such thing as a perfect football. There will be gaps and chances to break through their defence line. That will be their chance to beat City once again.

One of Liverpool’s key player, Mohamed Salah is expected to miss the game due to fitness reason. Asked about Salah, Klopp said that even though he is not sure whether or not Salah will join his force, he said that he is still considering the option. Having him on the field would be a great advantage to Liverpool.

Pep Guardiola and His Extraordinary Team

After winning the Carabao Cup this season, City is on the right path to win the prestigious Premier League. With only 6 games remaining, they are the one closest to the league title.

Guardiola once said that they have everything they need to win the game, from motivation and playing style. He has built an extraordinary team, second to no one. Even though they lost several games in the past, it will never alter their path.


Man City vs Liverpool: Who Would Win?

The clash is near. Manchester City will fight against Liverpool in the upcoming Champions League quarter-final match. Two of the world’s largest football clubs along with their high-profile managers will clash in one of the most awaited matches this year. It is time for Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp to prove the winner between them.

With more than 160 goals between the two clubs, both Liverpool and Manchester City are also the two most attacking football teams in the Premier League. Furthermore, through history, Liverpool is the only team that once held Manchester City from achieving the league’s title.

A Titanic Clash

Once again, two of Europe’s most excellent managers will meet. So far, Klopp has gained 6 victories in the last 12 games he played against Guardiola, under Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool’s flag. With 50% success rate, Klopp might have a chance to beat the Catalan.

However, Guardiola won’t easily surrender. He may have fewer victories against Klopp, but that never makes him weak. In fact, Guardiola has turned City into one of the most fearsome clubs on the planet. Last September, for example, he brought City into a stunning 5-0 victory at Etihad Stadium. Meanwhile, Klopp could only win with a slim 4-3 at Anfield 4 months later.

As managers, no one should ever doubt their skills. Their principles are so firm and their managerial styles are deeply rooted in their players’ hearts. Both teams put their trust on their managers and it is less likely that any of them will spoil that trust.

If both of them are destined to meet once again, Liverpool might play an offensive game, an all-out one, while City would try to turn the game to their favour using Guardiola’s special hallmark: a possession game with a superb attack and perfect pace.

Mark Lawrenson, who once fought with Liverpool as their defender, told that if you want to understand what football really is, then you should never miss Liverpool vs Manchester City match.

Both managers are expected to play a classic football style. For both Guardiola and Klopp, this game is not just about winning a game against their opponent. It is also about staggering their pride as manager. It is not just about securing their place in the semi-finals. It is also about fighting until they find out the real winner between them.

So far, we only know one thing: they are not going to change their style. They are so confident that they have chosen to play all out, with their own respective style. With their offensive style, Liverpool would try to steal the ball whenever possible. However, Klopp should know that it won’t be easy as City’s defence is getting stronger than ever to block their attack.

For Guardiola, winning a game is simple. Don’t let the opponent has the ball if you don’t want them to score. That’s how Guardiola puts fear in the heart of their opponent. City’s player is going to keep the ball all to themselves, without giving even a slight chance for Liverpool to have the ball. Their extreme defensive strategy has brought them so close to the league’s title and they won’t let anyone hold them back.


Ryan Giggs and The Glorious Days for Wales

There are a lot of changes currently undergoing in Wales national time. The first change is how Ryan Giggs appears in front of his players. Unlike his predecessor, Giggs loves wearing a tracksuit, instead of the manager’s suit. Most likely, he wants everyone to notice that even though Wales’ former manager is considered one of the best manager Wales national team ever has, Giggs is planning to be much better than him.

As a manager, he believes that no one should copy other and just become their own self. He believes doing his things is the best way for Wales to win the World Cup. However, he also said that even though he wants the team to follow his style, he wants them to keep their fighting spirit, the one they have inherited from the former manager.

Soon after he was appointed as the manager, Giggs brought Wales to prove his strategy when they met China. They successfully trashed their opponent with a fantastic 6-0 beat. Giggs could not expect for a better start to prove his points. He might be new to Wales, but no one should ever underestimate him.

The is no shame in losing

Even though they once trashed their opponent, Ryan Giggs himself acknowledge the risk of every strategy. He knew it so well that there is no perfect strategy. Even though they once beat China with a fantastic 6-0, he knew that they will someday face a much tougher enemy, one that will reveal every weakness in their strategy. That opponent is Uruguay.

Ryan Giggs may be one of the world’s legendary world and probably the world’s best manager in the future. However, no matter how good his coaching skills are, there is no way he can beat Uruguay, a team full of skilful and vastly experienced players. He is just a person, compared to 11 players on Uruguay side.

Even after the terrifying beat, there is no reason for Giggs and his players to feel ashamed. They may be not good enough to defeat Uruguay this time, but we should not forget the fact that they are still better than Argentina in this year’s World Cup qualification stage. Also, they played so well during the 2011 Copa America. With those records, they have no reason to feel ashamed, especially when they are only lost 0-1 from Uruguay.

In fact, losing the game from Uruguay gives Wales a perfect chance to realize that their strategy is not yet perfect. It is the perfect chance to improve the strategy before the World Cup begins. In less than 3 months, they have to figure out what they lack and start fixing the problems. The most important thing is, they should keep fighting as they are today. Even though they lost the game, they still stand together as a team. That  is the most important thing in football and Wales players have proven that they have that key.

As long as they fight together until the end, they may make their path to winning the cup.


Mohamed Salah Is Unique and So Does Luis Suarez

Jordan Henderson, a Liverpool skipper, thinks that no one should ever compare Mohamed Salah and Luis Suarez.

After scoring 4 goals for his team against Watford, Salah has recorded 36 goals this far in all competitions. This is the highest amount of goals any player has scored in all top 5 leagues in Europe.

Even Liverpool’s manager, Jurgen Klopp believes that Salah is one of the greatest players they ever have. Now, after scoring his quadruplet goals in their match against Watford, Salah is on the right path to becoming one of the world’s elite player. He later said that one day, Salah would compete with other top players, such as Ronaldo and Messi, for Ballon d’Or.

Even today, some people try to compare Mohamed Salah and Suarez, one of  Messi’s well-known teammate. However, Liverpool skipper, Henderson, thinks both players are completely different from one another.
For Henderson, both Suarez and Salah are great players. They played so well recently and even developed their own playing style. As for their playing style, they are both unique. You can’t compare a football player to another player while their style is completely different.

Even though both they have scored plenty of goals recently, they are still different. They have walked on different paths using their own method. Each of them is great in their own way.

Even so, he does recognize how excellent Salah’s performance in this season only. He shows us a great game every single week. He never fails to amaze us and there are only a few players like him who can do that thing.

He plays so well that his game begins to motivate his teammates. Everyone begins to put their trust in him and each other. Together, they once again believe that as Liverpool’s player they can bring back the glorious days once again.

Once everyone sees there is someone they can rely upon, they begin to build confidence in their heart. Once again they start working together as a team and in football, this is exactly what everyone needs to win a game after another. Football is not a man’s game, it is a team’s game and that’s why everyone should work together to achieve it.

Even if they are unsure about how they can score a goal, they can work together as a team, build a strategy, then leave the rest to someone they can trust. This time, that person in Liverpool is Mohamed Salah.

These great players are the leaders for their teammates. Even if they are not the officially enlisted captain, they can motivate everyone and put trust in their heart that they can still win the game. There is nothing more important in football than trusting your comrades. When your trust begins to fade, that is when your team will crumble. Jurgen Klopp knows this well and that’s why he maintains Salah and his role. He knows how important his rule is and has no plan of changing it in the near future.

Who Will Be the Next Southampton’s Manager?

Southampton recently sacked Mauricio Pellegrini after the club’s miserable record in Premier League this season. So far, the Saints has only managed to win once in their last 17 games, placing them one step closer to the relegation zone.

As for the next manager, Robbie Savage, an ex-Welsh player, believes it should be Mark Hughes. Hughes may not be as good as Guardiola, Ancelotti, or Mourinho, but with only 8 games remaining, Southampton should be looking for a ‘mad’ man. Hughes is that kind of man. During his career with Stoke, he led the team to 9th place in 3 consecutive seasons. In his hand, no club has ever placed in the relegation zone.

Perhaps, this option is worth a try. In Premier League alone, Hughes has undergone 450 matches for 5 different teams: Blackburn, Fulham, Stoke, QPR, and Manchester City. He has been dealing with a lot of people with different characteristics. He knows the best way to treat and train each player to get the best out of them.

Plus, he was sacked by Stoke back in January. This fact makes him eager to prove that Stoke was wrong. He is full of ambition and Southampton is the right place for him to channel all that ambition.

Choosing the next man to sit in the manager’s bench is Southampton’s first priority right now. They are scheduled to face Wigan on this Sunday. That means, they only have several days to choose the new manager before they have to meet Wigan in the quarter-final.

Another option

Mark Hughes is not the only person fit for the job. Marco Silva, who was once with Hull and Watford, is also rumored for the job.

Unlike Pellegrino, Silva is not ‘too’ cautious. That’s the biggest mistake Pellegrino did. He lets his cautiousness to make him believe that Southampton’s players are just as good as he told them to be.

No, that’s not the case. The Saints’ players have proven even under previous managers that they are much better than they are now. Something is holding them, something that they have no power to deal with.

Silva or whoever the next coach should understand that Southampton needs to be more proactive. They need to attack and defend during the whole game, not playing safely in the back.

The next 8 games are the real challenge for the new coach. Out of 8 remaining games, Southampton will have 5 away matches. It means they are going to be far from their supporters’ reach, whose supports they truly need in this time of desperate.

The quick countermeasure has to be taken to save Southampton and bring victory once again to the club. They only have time until this weekend to pick the new manager or the team should play the next match with no manager. The only good news will come after this weekend’s match. Southampton will have around 2 – 3 weeks to prepare until their next match against West Ham at the end of this month. It should give enough time for the new manager to train the whole players and perhaps, prepare some surprises.

Guardiola, His Yellow Ribbon, and FA Warnings

Martin Glenn, FA chief executive, said that no one should ever wear any political symbol during a football match, including Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, and his yellow ribbon.

The Manchester City manager has been seen wearing the yellow ribbon for several times, amidst FA Warning. However, after two warnings went ‘useless,’ The Football Association eventually charged Guardiola last month.

During the International Football Association Board meeting in Zurich, the FA chief executive said that there is no excuse for anyone to display any political symbols. The game should be kept as neutral as possible, as it is a game for everyone to enjoy.

He later added that the yellow ribbon Guardiola was often seen wearing is an apparent political symbol. The yellow ribbon itself is widely recognized today as support for Catalan independence from Spain.

He also stressed that The Football Association had taken action by rewriting Law Four of football to make sure nothing divisive would appear during a game. A football game is supposed to be a neutral match where all of us respect each other. It is not such a place to tell you or your ideas are better than anyone. A football match is where everyone supposed to gather together and enjoy the game, instead of being divided because of any divisive symbols.

These symbols can be anything, including Star of David, a sickle and a hammer, a swastika, Robert Mugabe image, or any political symbols. There is no right and wrong in a football match. It is a game, and everyone is supposed to enjoy it, no matter who you are, where you come from, and your ideology.

Regarding this incident, the FA has given formal warnings to Guardiola back in December. However, after seeing the warnings went ‘unnoticed,’ the FA finally decided to charge the Manchester City manager with breaching advertising and kit regulations this month.

Guardiola has until March 5, 2018, at 18:00 GMT to respond on this issue. Regarding this issue, Guardiola told the media that he is a manager and also a human being. The executive believes that the FA has already known that everything they do to him will be useless. He will keep wearing the yellow ribbon. Guardiola thinks that wearing the fabric has nothing to do with politics. It is an act of humanity and democracy. He believes by doing so; he is helping those who choose not to do anything.

Political symbols are not a strange thing seen in a football. It happened several times in the past and it seems not even FIFA can rule out how to fix the issue. They might be right about the game should be kept as neutral as possible, but as Guardiola said, we are still human. Sometimes, people cannot just ignore other people’s condition. Displaying the symbol is how they express their opinion. Perhaps, FIFA should take this into their future consideration while writing the law.

Counting the Last Days of Arsene Wenger at Arsenal

Ian Wright, a former Arsenal striker, said that he could not see a scenario where Arsene Wenger would remain Arsenal manager after this season. He also believes that Arsenal should have been playing better if the players are not on easy street as they are now and the owner cares about the club.

His opinion might sound blatant, but that’s the fact. Only 2 months have passed this year and so far Arsenal has lost 6 out of 12 games. Last time, they lost the game to Manchester City.

In his interview with BBC Radio 5, Wright told that Wenger usually has excuses for these losses. With him mollycoddling the team, Wright believes the team is not going to get better any time in the future, unless Wenger is out.

The best option for the team is, according to him, for Arsene Wenger to leave the team and hand it over to someone more capable, someone who will not the team rest on the easy street. If they want to win, they should fight for it. Arsenal should stop all this mediocrity if they want to win and become the champion as they used to be.

The long path to victory

As a former Arsenal player, Wright still loves the club as he and his teammates always did in the past. Seeing Arsenal in its current state is disappointing and he believes, the best way to fix this is to put the team on the challenge again. They can start getting new players, those who can get everyone to be excited once more about this team.

This step is not instant. The team will have to spend another few years before they can see the result. Everyone should progress together as a team and share the same dream to reach that top five again. In order to achieve this, Arsenal should go the opposite way they are going right now. They will only fail if they continue walking on this path. Wenger should know that it is time to stop. The new path is a long one, but as everyone works together as a team, it will eventually bear a fruit to the team.

The owner is guilty

As for the owner, Wright said that the owner is responsible for this downfall. If only Stan Kroenke cares about the team, he would have done something to prevent this downfall from happening. If he truly cared about the club, he wouldn’t allow Wenger to stay for 2 years without holding a solid proof.

Wright also said that all these losses and mismanagement points to a conclusion where Wenger should leave the team. However, his leaving will only fix the problems on the surface. To completely fix the problems, Kroenke should come and find out the problems by himself. He needs to know everything that’s actually happening right now and how it brings down the team. He has to find out how to fix it before everything has become too late.

Things would have been easier to fix if only the owner heard the fans years ago. They have been sounding this for years and yet, no one heard their voice. The owner has been ignoring their voice for years and doing nothing for the team. Now, as we can see, everything Arsenal fans have sounded for years have become a sad reality for the team.


What Would Happen to City after Their Loss?

For some people, Manchester City’s tragic loss from Wigan is not a complete disaster. In fact, it will only make stronger than ever. 

City’s dream of quadruple finally had to end after Wigan beat them 1-0 on Monday. Will Grigg scored the deciding goal for Wigan in the 79th minute, shortly before the referee sent off Fabian Delph in the first half.

However, for some people, this loss is not a complete disaster for City. Gudjohnsen, who once played for Barcelona under Guardiola, said that thing like this will only make City stronger than ever. They will bounce and win. When that time comes, everyone will be amazed by how this loss changes them.

The match might have ended with a huge disappointment to City, their fans, and especially Guardiola. However, it is not because the players are not good enough or they lack the desire to win. It is just because it was not their time yet.

Also according to Gudjohnsen, City had played their best during the match. They never made mistake and even left any space for Wigan. However, the spirit Wigan showed yesterday is worth to call one of the biggest challenge City has ever faced.

City will now focus on EFL Cup final on this Sunday where they will meet Arsenal. At least, this defeat allows Guardiola and his men to focus on the Carabao Cup. They don’t have to worry about anything again. So, yes, from this perspective, there is still a good thing from their loss.

As a manager, we would like to see how Guardiola advances with this loss. He is not such a person who will surrender after a defeat. It will do nothing, but make the team stronger than ever.

As for Wigan, Upson, a former England defender said that the City’s opponent played well. They gave huge pressure on City, harried them, and eventually beat them. Even though we must admit that City should have been better than last night, we should also admit the excellent performance Paul Cook and his men gave last night.

He later continued that the biggest mistake City did last night is they weren’t able to move from their fatal mistake: traditional English-style football. Wigan knows this and it was the exact style they played last night. They know the nasty secret about City and used it very well. Unless City fixes this weakness in the future, most likely we will see other Wigans beating Guardiola and his players.

Gudjohnsen also agreed about this point, saying, ” It was a bit too nice at times, their defenders have to realize what it’s like to come up against hard-working British center-forwards. Wigan were all about hard work. They ran their socks off, they were quite well organised and they deserved it.”

Would Isco and Toni Kroos Move to Manchester United?

Manchester United is dying. Their last defeat from Newcastle United proves that the Red Devil is no longer as powerful as it used to be. As they are losing more games than ever, it becomes critical for the club to fix this situation immediately. Mourinho realizes this problem and he believes Isco and Toni Kroos are the answer.

The Red Devil has been trying to recruit these players back in 2012 (Isco) and 2014 (Kroos). Back then, they failed. However, this time, Mourinho seems to eagerly play his trump card: their own player, David de Gea. Mourinho is even reported to ready to sell de Gea to Real Madrid in order to get Isco and Kroos. With £135m for Isco alone, that leaves Madrid with plenty of cash. It is exactly what Real Madrid need to survive from their current disarray.

Manchester United, however, is not the only one looking for a fresh add-on. Liverpool is on the move to lure Deportivo La Coruna winger, Pinchi to join the club. Despite his young age, his excellent performance during La Liga can’t be easily ignored. Jurgen Klopp surely doesn’t want to waste his time waiting for Pinchi’s contract to end this summer. For him, getting this player is crucial because he knows Mourinho is also interested in him, too.

It seems we are going to see many young players in the next transfer season. Josha Vagnomen, a 17-year-old defender from Hamburg is currently on the talk with Arsenal and Bayern Munich.